The jar sat on the end table, it was the perfect vessel, it sat poised to hold whatever came. It was whole and beautiful, that is until it slipped out of two tiny hands. The cold hard floor beneath caught the fragile vessel and in its grasp the pot shattered to pieces. The fall was too much for the vessel to bear. The hard impact of an unexpected fall left the once whole vessel in pieces on the floor. Shattered.



As it laid in a heap on the floor, it was picked up by two strong hands. Piece by piece the hands placed each shared remain back together again and placed it back on the table.



It was broken.


It was mended.



Later, the same two tiny hands traced the fragmented lines that laced the vessel, as questions spewed from the tiny mouth.


“This was broken into pieces.” The young voice declared with assurance. “I know it was, I saw it fall.”


The two strong hands wrapped around the two small hands, and assuredly said, “Yes, it was but I mended it. I put the pieces back together again.”


Confused the small hands scratched the small head, “But the cracks, they show that it’s been broken.”


Still holding those two small hands, the two strong hands reached out and traced the cracks in the mended vessel and said, “Yes, but they are also proof that it has been mended.”


We all can relate the simple vessel that found itself broken into pieces by an unexpected fall. We all have cracks. We all have places were this world has left us broken.


The “cracks” in our lives, the ones we try to hide and cover up, these same cracks are evidence not that we are useless, but that we were once broken and now we are mended. They are a living testimony that we were once in pieces but now we are whole again. They are proof that two strong hands but us back together again.


“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that his all surpassing power is not from us but from God.” 2 Corinthians 4:7


You see the very “crack” that you see as a flaw, is actually an outlet for grace. Your brokenness is evidence of God’s wholeness, it’s through your weakness that the true source of strength is seen.


The scars of being shattered mark us, not out of shame but out of victory. They declare, “What once was broken is now whole.” They declare the grace of two sovereign hands that put our pieces back together again.


We are all a little broken and that’s ok, it’s what makes us outlets of grace.




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