So Long

The farmer looked up into the grey skies, from the view from the farmhouse window it looked as if the farmer was evaluating the chance for rain, yet the wife knew better. She didn’t see a man evaluating the weather, she saw a man evaluating the harvest. A barefoot little boy with dirt smeared on his jeans pulled on her apron and asked “mama, why does papa walk around the field looking at the clouds?” She smirked the way mothers do and bent down so his eyes met hers. He’s not looking at the clouds, he’s looking past them.” The child looked confused. “How?” She gently wiped the dirt off his face with a wet cloth and stroked his blonde hair out of his eyes as she pulled the answer from the vault of her heart. “Your father is praying over the harvest my child because he knows that every seed grows from the grace of God.” Content with the answer the child scurried away. She was drawn back to the farmhouse window. He was still out there, hands lifted toward the heavens. His tanned weather worn face shone with faith and patience. It had been so long since rain had bathed the corn. It all was drying up before their eyes. They couldn’t do anything but throw their hands toward the heavenlies. All the other farmers had given up on the harvest for that year. “It’s a lost cause…” the preacher whispered Sunday after church as he wagged his head back and forth. But the farmer wasn’t so easily deterred. His faith bubbled out of his mouth in response to the poison of discouragement “I merely planted the seed it’s not my job to make the harvest grow..” “But it’s been so long…” the preacher responded “God won’t reject the seed we’ve sown in faith.” The farmer shakes his hand and walked off with his family in tow. “Papa, how do you know for sure?” The inquisitive boy asked. “I don’t son-but faith doesn’t require us to know in advance.” Her heart fluttered as she thought of that; faith is believing even when we can’t see in advance. “But it’s been so long Lord…” she whispered as she washed potatoes off in the sink. As she washed the dirt off of the potato, she heard a gentle whisper from heaven “your holding proof of my faithfulness.”. Her heart sank as she remembered last years bumper crop. The farmer walked the fields, hands uplifted, eyes turned heavenward, just like he is today. “they trusted and were not put to shame…” the words of Psalms 22 bled out of her heart.

(The word shame in the Hebrew language is “bosh” and means: dried up, embarrassed, disappointed, delayed, and so long. It is in used in context when farmers experience distress over no harvest.)

She looked out at a man whose entire life echoed the heartbeat of faith. He trusted God in the bumper crop and in the drought; even though everything was drying up all around them he trusted the heart of God. As she mixed up the pie filling she glanced back out the window; he was on his knees now, face still uplifted and hands reaching high. She heard herself repeat the words “it’s been so long…too long Lord” as she laid the final plate on the old plank table she paused,she heard a strange sound…a melody she hadn’t heard in so long. She ran to the window, and gasp at what she saw; the window of heaven had been thrown wide open. The bottom was falling out of the sky, instead of the bottom falling out of their harvest. The farmer was still there, on bended knee, eyes turned heavenward, hands lifted high. She ran to him and threw her arms around him. He looked her in the eyes,his hat brim dripping with the blessings of God and said “we trusted in Him and we will not be put to shame.”.

“It’s been so long…” I don’t know if you’ve ever uttered those words.. If you’ve ever had something that seemed like an illusion etched in the front of your mind. The distant memory of a better time is vague and hazy now. Time seems to elapse the faithfulness of God after awhile. We can get caught up in the tick of the clock, with every passing minute that we wait our faith is being attacked by the subtle enemy of time. We have a plan and a time table laid out before the throne of God but He’s never been good at reading time tables.

Time begs us to throw in the towel but faith tells us to wipe our brow with it and keep trudging onward. So, whatever it is you have planted, keep looking upward. Looking past the circumstances into the heart of God. He will not reject the seed you’ve sowed in faith.

He’s got a plan-trust His heart when you can’t see His hand.

Thonyou we cried and rescued; in you they trusted and were not put to shame. Psalm 22:5


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