Dreamers and Reapers 

Coveting? Is that what all these desires within mount up to? Is this ache for more the stab of the dull knife of discontentment? Surely so. After all, we are called to lay down our desires, our dreams, on the alter of Gods will…aren’t we? We bury all hope, and step into the cycle of cold religiosity. There’s no room for dreams in the Kingdom of God” that’s what we reason. God doesn’t need dreamers He needs reapers…right? But what if it turns out that those dreamers are the reapers? What if our dreams are the outline of His will? What if the dream that was planted deep within the secret depths of our souls isn’t “self-produced” at all? What if it was planted there by the hand of our sovereign creator? Who saw the need before the dream ever grew, and so dropped the kernel of hope into our bare hearts so that we could reap the harvest of divine provision? What if dreams aren’t temporal at all—what if within that hull something was growing, maturing, creeping to the surface that was other worldly-eternal in fact? What if that nagging heat within proved to be the fuel for furthering the kingdom? What if the ache for growth…the desperation for more…isn’t discontentment at all? What if it’s purpose calling our names? What if God uses those seemingly secret desires, to call us to meaning? What if the scream of our soul wasn’t meant to be silenced but amplified? What if the meter of our spirituality didn’t level out-what if we refused to cruise? Acceleration happens when pressure is added to the gas pedal, the engine revs up as the gauge climbs high and higher- pressure produces performance. What if the pressure from within was meant to accelerate the gospel?

What is pushing me? What pressure is this that consumes my mind and plumps up my heart? I know what I want Lord-but why do I want it? Maybe that’s the most potent question on the table.

Comparison and competition strangely creates complacency. When we get tired of the constant back and forth of achievements and praise, when the coldness of compromise stifles our heat-complacency sneaks in the back door and settles down into the bed of our beliefs. We limit God in our hearts by who we are-all the while praising Him with our lips for who He claims to be. It seems nice, we like the idea…but like a fairy tell story we fold up the breath of God and place it back on the bookshelf of fantasy and the ache within is hushed a little while longer while it circles around our minds like a hula hoop. What if in the process of recreation-our dreams aren’t crushed but transformed? Infused with holiness and righteousness for ultimate meaning. What if instead of smothering our desires the word breathes freshness into the lungs of our longings? What if scripture wasn’t meant to smash our dreams to pieces but to piece together the fragments of our callings to establish those dreams?

What if the outcome of our unification with Christ is that our desires are yoked with His. That what was drab and dreary with the fog of the flesh is now renovated and recharged with Light? What if desire pulls us to the eternal, into the Light? What if dreams are the dredging station for preparing us for our directions?

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of you heart.” Psalms 37:4

What if those unfulfilled dreams aren’t unfulfilled at all but are in fact recreated, recharged and reformed after the heart of God?

Maybe your dreams have fell through, maybe things haven’t turned out at all like you had hoped…if this is you then maybe your dream isn’t dead, perhaps God is breathing fresh life into it-shaping it in the mold of His heart so you can reap what He has sown.
After all, dreamers do make the best reapers. (Joseph shows us that!)


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