We feel forgotten. It’s easy to in this hurricane of life. We are blown from here to there, one ballgame to another, from cooking breakfast to making doctor appointments, from going to work and comuting home, deadlines and due dates, school work and babysitting gigs…somehow in the midst of everyday life we get left behind. Life has seemed to charge forward and we’re left eating the dust. So, we go faster and faster;the hurricane around us is nothing like the one within us. We feel disheveled and restrained. Life isn’t turning out at all like we had thought. No, this drama was never in the script but neither was this joy.

Joy is found in surrender; when we turn in our dreams and desires to the throne of heaven. Surrender has a stigma of defeat tied to it, maybe that’s why we don’t like it. We think we have to give up on our dreams and desires. That God will crush the fragile seed of our calling if we lay it in his mighty hands. But what if instead of crushing it, He plants it…and waters it…and prunes it…and grows it.

What if we really aren’t forgotten? What if in the frenzy of the pursuit of higher things, we are being pursued by the Most High?

My heart was doing sommersaults as I got ready for worship service. Theses lyrics

It’s a relentless pursuit, relentless pursuit 

I will not stop chasing after you

It’s a relentless pursuit, a passionate pursuit

I will not stop chasing after you

 Rang from my simple heart to the vault of glory in the heavenlies.

We all climbed into the mini van and headed on our way…all the way my soul sang

It’s a relentless pursuit, relentless pursuit

I will not stop chasing after you

It’s a relentless pursuit, a passionate pursuit

I will not stop chasing after you

We unloaded and headed our different directions, one here and the other there…I drifted to the back of the sanctuary where I found “my” seat and I settled in with expectancy to hear the word unleashed. It was a good sermon, our preacher is anointed so I wasn’t surprised by the Spirits presence but then these words flashed on the projector like lightening from heaven

“God is passionately and relentlessly pursuing you”

It wasn’t his main point so he moved on with the message, but I hung there like a kite stuck in the heights of the clouds.

The gentle whisper of the voice of God blew through the ears of my soul…”I’m the one relentlessly pursuing you”. The melody of His song has played round robin with my mind; “You never out pursue Me my child”

A.W. Tozer in the classic Pursuit of God says “the impulse to pursue God originates with God, but the outworking of that impulse is our following hard after Him; all the time we are pursuing Him we are already in His hand.”

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4

So, no my friend you are not forgotten. As we mill and tow through this existence, grappling for Divine favor, we are swaddled in His mighty grasp. Guarded by His kindness, He is patient with us, wooing us out into the garden. The place where contentment reigns with joy on the throne of surrender.


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