Red Sea Road

 The ground was oddly dry. You would have expected to sink down into the miry clay. Yet as Moses stretched his shepherds staff over the proud waters of the Red Sea, every particle of H2O ran from the feet of the Israelites. Leaving the dry desert behind, Gods people started their journey down the Red Sea Road;the path between their past and their future.The dry waterway seemed to pave the way to their promised land, the land that God swore on oath to their forefathers he would give to them was on the other side of the sea. 
Egypt symbolizes shackles, slavery, toil and oppression. This Red Sea road lead to freedom. Freedom from the tyranny of the enemy, freedom not only from someone, but freedom to worship Someone. Freedom was on the other side of the walls of water. Freedom is the freeway to abundance,to embrace Gods promises. It’s where the promises of God are actualized and our promise land becomes our home land. 

You see for years Canaan had been the Israelites possession in concept. Yet the concept of the Promise land had yet to become concrete. The Promise lacked fulfillment. Yet as the people walked over the dry ground of the Red Sea, this path they were on, this Red Sea road would be the route in which God made good on His promises. 
The route to fulfilled promises cut right through the barrier. Gods promises have that power, so strong and potent that they cut through the impenetrable  wall of impossibility.

Instead of being consumed by the sea, God made a way through the sea. Instead of being swallowed up by the vastness of the waters, every drop stood at attention as the people of God walked by. The sea knew something not even the Israelites knew at that time; that when God makes a promise He sees it through and there is nothing that stands in His way. Not a sea, not an enemy army…nothing. Nothing can stop the faithfulness of God. 
Sometimes we miss it though. We miss it because we are too intimidated to take the Red Sea road. The threat of being swallowed alive haunts us, we are toremented by the vastness of the sea in front of us. And so we never move on. 

The options are clear; stay behind or move forward. Deliverance doesn’t just free us from something, it’s also carries us to somewhere. It delivers us from oppression and delivers us to our promiselsnd;to the place where promises meet fulfillment. Yet there’s a path we must take called the Red Sea road; the path between the promise and the fulfillment. While deliverance from “Egypt” is glourious, it’s not the end of the story. God has more instore for us and the way to reach it is through the Red Sea road. 

Our Confidence shows what we trust in…the path or the Promise Keeper. So many things threaten to kill those promises, so many things want to take us captive. We have many things to worry about; our next career move, finances, our marriages, our friends health, their marriages,  our churches health, our Pastors souls, our children’s purity (O, Lord Jesus yes), their career paths, school work, who they hang out with or who they don’t,their health and of course our own wondering hearts. Many things beat against our psyche, many things bruise our hearts and all of the things we are facing today have consequences tomorrow. The demeanor of our hearts leave a testimony of what we put our trust in…paths or promises.  

Because we are often destentaion minded we tend to trust in the path, the “how” of the way becomes our obsession. We’re near sighted; this path doesn’t look right, it looks blurry and unpredictable. It’s not the plan we had, this Red Sea road looks different then what we had pictured. And so we would rather shrivel up in the desert because it’s familiar….than risk following God down the Red Sea road because we cant see what he’s doing. We would rather die in the desert than live in the Promise land all because the latter calls us to move…it pushes us out of our dry ruts and into the unknown. 

“Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness? What have you done to us in bringing us out of Egypt?”  Exodus 14:11
In this verse we see the ultimate talent of humanity; seeing open doors as open graves. Grumbles rumble out of a heart that has lost its confidence. A Red Sea road tests the heart to see where our confidence lies; in the path or in God. 

A well planned  path, one that we have calculated and approved of, seems like a safe harbor for our dreams and aspirations. We like a planned path. No…we love a planned path. That way we know what’s coming, we can prepare ourselves, there’s no surprises because we know what’s around the bend. And because of the makeup of a planned path, it takes no faith. It’s easy to move when you know where your moving to. The Red Sea road is different because it veers off the beaten trail and we have no idea what we’re doing. 

 When we are standing in the wilderness (between our oppression and our promise land),when our plans have been derailed, when we are having to beat a path as we go, thats when our confidence is truly tested. Do we trust in the path or the Promise Keeper? As I typed this question out, at first I typed “Promise Maker”, and it hit me…that’s a major hang up for many of us. We believe God is a promise maker but are we confident He is a promise keeper? That He will keep His promises to me? 
That he is able… 

“Now to Him who is able to do far more than we ask or think, according to the power at work within us…” Ephesians 3:20

He is able; His ability determines our path not our own. The Red Sea road is paved by Gods ability. Our hope isn’t in the path we take but in the One who promised; Promised to break the bonds of slavery, promised to bring us to His purpose, promised to sustain in the midst of the deserts, promised to fight for us, promised victory and abundance…the One who promised is faithful. 


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