Great Reward

“Fear not Abram,I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” Genesis 15:1

It looked bleak. It looked like Abraham had misunderstood God. After all it had been years since Gods promise fell onto the aging ears of the patriarch.Yet the word of God came again, reassuring and confirming the promise. Abraham responded to Gods encouragement by saying “What should you give me since I continue childless…for you have given me no offspring and a member of my household shall be my heir.” Even years after the promise was made Abraham still found himself in the same plight; childless. By his words we can tell he may have settled for a partial fulfillment; that his servant would be the heir God spoke of. Isn’t it just like us to want to take the miraculous out of the promise? Isn’t it just like humans to settle for the easy fix? We get a little antsy waiting on God to come through, so impatience crowds out hope and we settle and pitch our tent in the rational, where things make sense.

God, knowing that our dusty frames tend to scatter as time passes, took Abraham outside and once again explained His promise. As God lifted Abrahams face toward the stars,He invited him to keep going…to leave the campsite of rational and follow Him to the miraculous.

“And he believed the Lord and it was counted to him as righteousness”

God is a God who delights in rewarding the ones He loves. He wants to bless…he wants to adorn us with favor and lavish us with riches. He’s a giver. It’s his character. From the first scene of time we see it…God giving life and giving purpose as he set Adam and Eve over creation.
To give without any incentive, without any need is grace and it is grace that is the motivater of God’s promises.

His word brings grace. 

 When God speaks, cosmos stand at attention, the elements of water stands straight up, breath races back to deflated lungs, the shackles of oppression fall off, disease and pain crumble. Gods word gives; It gives hope, security, peace, purpose, life, restoration and freedom.As I look at this book laid out before me, I realize it’s the gift that keeps on giving. There is nothing in all creation that holds the power of the Word of God-nothing. Within the bound pages we call a Bible, the ink is pumped to life with the Spirit and it holds the keys to transformation for every situation you will face. Don’t cut it short, don’t brush the Word off as a material object with insufficient power. No, don’t rob yourself with that kind of mentality. The Word is powerful, because it rolls of the tongue of the Almighty. And in this written word we find the Promise of our inheritance as Abrahams seed. (Galatians 3:29 “And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abrahams offspring, heirs according to the Promise.)

The way of the Word is that inheritance comes through a promise. That the same God who loves to give uses His word to do it. 

The word of God shields us. It makes our hearts arrow resistant. It wall papers our minds with the fresh renewal of the Spirit. It protects us from the deadly cries of the flesh and the lies of the enemy. It shines a light on the dark allurement of the world and exposes its real intentions. The word is a ferocious and bold guard, letting nothing in that lives in the dark shadows of defeat. It even protects us from our own fickleness-if we let it.( Let the word of God dwell in you richly… Colossians 3:16)

The Promise of God has always been armor to the man of God. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah….all heard a promise. That promise would eventually lead to their reward but in the meantime that promise acted as a shield. A shield that could only be lifted up by faith.

Gods promises are meant to protect not expose. But yet that’s how we often feel; exposed. Exposed and vulnerable to attack, like we’ve been abandoned in enemy territory without any weapons. As we continue on we have the choice of faith or fear. Which one will it be? One leads to protection the other to our inprisonment. We can rest in the promise because it’s a safe there. Not because there is no risk or no pain but because it is shielded by God. He protects it and so when we pitch our tent there instead of in the campground called “rational” then God Himself is our barricade and rampart.

The safest place for us is in the will of God no matter how loud the wind is howling or how violent the waves, Gods promises provide protection because they are guarded by covenant; an oath where God swears by His own name that His word will prove true. God puts his name on the chopping block, the promises of God hold the mallet and if they do not find fulfillment He says His name will be cut off. Meaning He puts His glory, His own name (His being) on the table if it does not happen like he has stated. He is collateral for His own promises.
That’s what we see in Genesis 15 when God puts Abraham to sleep so he knows it’s all on the shoulders of God to make the promise happen. 

He requires nothing from us but faith. Nothing. His promises have enough strength in themselves that they do not need the feeble hands of man to help them to their feet.

The Word made flesh was given to us. The ancient echo of the Promise of inheritance fell upon the ears of humanity as the pounding of nails pierced the Word. As The Word was pierced, bleeding out the fulfillment of inheritance, the greatness of our reward was was found in the emptiness of the grave. There the blessing of Abraham found it’s fulfillment…our Reward indeed.

 He is our shield, The Word incarnate, and He is our very great Reward; the fulfillment to the promise. Nothing in all of earth could be more precious as all of heaven was given as our reward. 


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