The Way

Jesus said I am the way the truth and life.
Over 2000 yrs ago the path was cleared from God to man. The broken body of the Messiah child would one day hang upon a cross for the sin of man. As He laid bare on Mary’s shoulder as a baby did she realize that The totality of sins grievances would be laid bare on his shoulders, that the veil would be torn and a path laid bare before the throne of God? The Way laid in the manger. 
Today I think about all the ways that Jesus is “the way”. How He is the way through suffering, through the mountain and through the valley. How He makes a path in the wilderness and splits the waters wide open. How He walks through the fire with us, making a way out  so that our hairs are not even signed and the smell of smoke Not upon us. How He makes paths where there seems to be noway out. And how He turns a closed door into a wide open opportunity.  

He is The Way in a million different ways;
He is the way to abundant living, not only heavenly living. We are cheated if we stop short of abundant life, if we think abundance will only be seen at heavens gate. The gate to abundance was swung wide open when the stone rolled away from the tomb that Easter morning. The emptiness of the dark grave was a path to abundant life. The way was made. No longer does fear hold us captive, nor should any stronghold keep us chained. The way has been paved by the blood of Christ. 

 Ascending on high he led a host of captives in his train and gave gifts to men. Eph 4:8

As the nail scared feet lifted from the cruel soil of earth, more happened here then Jesus returning home. More was at stake here than Jesus getting a lift back to the Father. As He ascended, He was lifted up- high above all creation, above all the principalities of darkness. He was raised above all so he could fill all. He made a way to glory. He was connecting heaven and earth, the throne of heaven with the dust of the earth. As He floated through the heavenlies-the path was laid out. The path to abundant life made clear. 

In ancient times a king who had won a great military victory would lead a procession back to his homeland. In this triumphal parade, there would be the redeemed captives. People who had previously been captured by the enemy were now ransomed and brought back to the kingdom. That is us;Redeemed captives. Set free from the dominion of darkness to walk in the freedom of abundance that the Kingdom of light gives. 

Abundant life is simply living full. Living full of the blessings and riches of the Spirit. The ascension paved the way. In order to fill all things, Christ rose above them Conquering them all. All the things that threaten to drain us: dealing with the wake of death, heartache, various hardships, suffering, rejection, failure, our own self absorption, disappointments, fear and anxiety…were all disarmed of their power under the mighty feet of The Messiah. He rose above them all so we can rise above them. He conquerored it all to make us more than conquerors. 

So, this Christmas as we rejoice in the coming of God to earth let’s remember that the greatest celebration we have is that He came but He did not stay. He rose, he’s exalted at the right hand of the Father and that baby that filled a manger now fills all. A way was made in the manger, a way to fullness and abundance. 

I come so that you may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

He came for abundance not for complacency. He came for zeal not for indifference. He came for fullness, to fill the barren crevices in our soul with His presence. He came to set us free from the chains of casualness because He knows that a life that is complacent, casual, and indifferent is the most barren of all. There isn’t a inch of our hearts that doesn’ need the fullness of Him.He made a way for the fullness of God to reach the emptiness of man. And for that I am ever greatful! 


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