Heart Congestion 

“He has brought me to the banqueting house…” Sos 2:4

Last night upon returning home from a long day of celebrating family through gorging on turkey and all the fixens, my daughter pulled on my shirt and asked “Can I have some cereal?” Cereal? I asked, I couldn’t believe she was asking for something else to eat. Hadn’t she got her fill? She had the opportunity to stuff her small little belly with all the deliciousness that comes with Thanksgiving; Turkey, ham, dressing, Mac n cheese, potatoes of every shape and form, desserts by the dozens…and the ROLLS, just to name a few. She insisted that she was hungry. Despite the feast she had the opportunity to partake of she pushed her chair away from the table and settled…for cereal. I looked her into her green eyes and said “you just left a feast. Why didn’t you fill up then in stead of waiting to eat cereal?” As soon as the words left my mouth the Spirit grabbed them and turned them back on myself. And He asked me-“Why do YOU walk away from the feast of my presence and settle for lesser things? Why don’t you get your fill of me?” 

“They feast on the abundance of your house; and you give them drink from your river of delight.” Ps 36:8

God has spread a banquet table out before us, filled with His glory and goodness. We as believers are invited not only to come and partake but to come and indulge. But all too often we push our chairs away from the divine table of fellowship and we settle…settle for much less. 

Isaiah 44:20 says this about the idoltor ” He feeds on ashes; a deluded heart has led him astray…

A deluded heart calls us away from the banquet table. It cheats us out of satisfaction and contentment. Leading us to something that has the equivalent of ashes, worthlessness, and conviences us this will fill our souls wanting. 

Deluded in the Hebrew actually means; heaped up, piled high. 

There’s the problem. Our hearts are pilled high, heaped up with ashes. There’s no room for the goodness and glory of Yaweh to settle down within, our hearts are too congested. 

We grab what’s convenient and push away the eternal. 

I feel myself doing it…pushing my chair away from the divine and chasing after the temporal. I feel my heart tugging me to the ash heap. I feel the weight of a congested heart; feeding on the ashes of regret, insecurity, unbelief, discontentment, complacency, pride…lies, all of it. 

“…And he cannot deliver himself or say is this thing in my right hand not a lie?” Finishes out Isaiah 44:20 by pointing out the fact that we are pulled to the ash heap not because it taste better or is better for us but because the allurment of it. It promises something, but it cannot deliver. That’s how lies work. That’s what deluded hearts thrive on, alluring lies. 

“I will feast the soul of the priests with abundance, and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness. Declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 31:14

Gratification of the soul. That’s what we are missing when we are pulled away by the nagging call of complacency and doubt. 

 All the goodness of God has been laid out for us through Christ, we partake of this goodness through fellowship, as we pull up our chairs to the table of His presence. He’s calling us to the table, to come and have our fill of him. To come and be satisfied. To come and have our thirst quenched. To come….


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