…as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be ashamed but with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body… Phillipians 1:20

As Paul sat inprisoned for the sake of the gospel, his life weighing in the balance, he was certain of one thing; that Christ would be honored in his body. See as Paul looked at it the body is the vehicle for his purpose to be realized in the planet. He knew that our physical bodies were much more than mere flesh and bone, but that they have the unique opportunity to bring about the will of God. Yes, these temporal vessels have the capacity to bring eternity to earth. Out of all the instruments at the disposal of the hands of the All Mighty, His go to instrument for building His kingdom on earth…us. Fragile and sin torn, He placed the light of the gospel in each believer and it is through our bodies that the light shines in the darkness. As these ole bodies illuminate with the glory of Heaven- the world will stop and take Into account, how? How could something so glorious and beautiful come from something as fragile and torn as humans? As they ask these questions we through our hands up toward the heavenlies. Honor is suppose to spill forth from these earthen vessels called bodies.

I was thinking about the concept of honoring God through my own body and what that may look like. As these thoughts bounced around in my brain I gazed down into the blue eyes of my 5 weeks old and it hit me that one of the most honoring things a woman can do is give birth. To give up our bodies for another. To give our lives as a living sacrifice for Gods creative will to come to pass. The reality that He uses women to bring new life in he world is heart stopping. That through the weakness of humanity All his eternal purposes like making missionaries, preachers, teachers, coaches…even bull riders…rest upon the body of woman. He uses us as agents to bring about one of his greatest purpose on earth-life. The war on this privilege is growing in America. With terms like pro-choice and late term abortion swirling around the media, I’ve heard and seen more than I care too. The images and vivid testimonies that have rose to the surface during the current political whirlwind are enough to shake any out of their complacency and weigh the worth of life. This candidate says life is worth __. This one says it’s worth ___. But no matter who finds themselves in the white house come November, the reality is that God has set the price on life. It held such value with Him that He would give His own life so that none would perish. He being the creator gets to tell us what life is worth. No political office has that authority. However, humans have always been good at taking authority that isn’t ours to take. So it’s no surprise that man gets to govern the value of life in America.

This subject goes far deeper than your presidential choice. For not only is a life being taken, a person God created for his kingdom is being robbed of the right to bring him glory and we as women are being robbed of one of the greatest privileges we have; To honor Christ through our bodies. I’ve been in the seat where some would have encouraged me to abort-he’s 11 now and never have I seen God set such purpose on a child, never. Gods favor and providence over him has been clear since the beginning. So, I’ve been there to a degree and I would have to say that being his mother is the most honoring thing I have ever had the privilege to be apart of. I know first hand what it’s like to see a so-called “mistake” be turned into a blessing . You see that child was created to live. America needs to wake up and realize that we are being deceived- an abortion does not free you up or take away a burden. A abortion takes away your God given mission. It steals honor that God has placed on your life.

It takes courage to be honorable. Every solider will tell you that. To risk your life for another isn’t easy.  The battle most women face is a scary one. To keep their baby takes courage. I’ve been around abortion minded women and I’ll say the majority of the time it’s not the cold fact that they don’t want Their child, even if they say they don’t. It’s the age old fight of fear that causes them to end thier babies life. Their scared. Scared of other options. Scared of what the future holds. Sacred of their own choices. Sacred Because somehow America has made pregnancy and motherhood scary and has stripped the honor from it. If honor outweighs fear the abortion rate would drop. How do we do that? It starts in the church. We as believers must first have courage to honor God through our bodies. All shades of hypocrisy has to go. Maybe if we honored each other, it would spill over. Maybe if we teach our children how to honor the opposite sex;that our bodies are a temple, and house the very Spirit of God. I don’t know for sure… But what if our theology collided with our reality?

Let’s not hide behind our steeples and pretend this isn’t happening. And more than that, that this isn’t effecting our own Christian communities because it is. The message needs to be heavy on our hearts and quick off our tongues; God handpicked that woman to honor His name. That God will use that baby to redeem the mess women often find themselves in. That God is giving this woman a gift instead of a burden.

Most of these woman have no idea the truth behind the value God places on a woman. Let me ask you something…whose fault is that? Who has been entrusted with the light of the gospel? We have. Not the media, not the political party. This has been circling my mind lately- maybe Christ isn’t being honored in America like He use to be because Christians aren’t honoring them through their bodies like they use to. Don’t think of me as cynical. I’m far from it, I see an outpouring of the Spirit flowing through much of the younger generation. I see hope for America and it goes much further than November 8, although it’s vital to our nation. Our hope lies in Christ and in His Spirit residing and flowing freely through His children. So I don’t mean to be harsh, but I do mean to be truthful. Hiding away in our complacency isn’t working and I don’t think that’s a secret.

Paul was certain he would honor Christ through his body because Paul was courageous. Courage is contagious. When we as Christians have enough courage to honor Christ through our bodies it sends a wave of courage to those that need it most. May we be brave enough to allow our theology to morph our reality. Man or woman, mothers or not, educated or not, old or young, democrat or republican…as Christians lets bind together to honor God through our bodies and watch the power of God do the rest.

The kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.  1 Corinthians 4:20